University Extension Diploma in Private Detective

This Diploma of University Extension of Private Detective has the necessary knowledge for a complete training in the field of Private Security, developing the skills and ability to manage a Private Security company, as an independent private detective, conducting area investigations with concrete, to individuals who require their services. As well as to direct the different work teams that they occupy within the private security. Upon completion, you will be prepared to carry out your activity in different areas such as labor, business, industrial, technology, among others. With knowledge of law, according to the branch to be performed, regulations, deontology, as well as research techniques with theoretical and practical preparation.

Duration: 180 ECTS, Including Practices (Professional Practices).


The title of Graduate or Graduate in Criminology and Criminalistics is essential in the performance of numerous professional activities related to the prevention and intervention in the criminal phenomenon. Therefore, we are facing a degree with multiple professional possibilities, either to enhance knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of criminal justice (legal or police operators); in the field of public institutions that have to do with the primary, secondary or tertiary prevention of crime, or in the development of the profession in private companies, as a contribution of value in the security departments.

The studies of the Degree in Criminology and Criminalistics are aimed at the training of professionals specialized in issues related to crime and citizen security, both in its preventive dimension, and in those other aspects related to its investigation, prosecution and improvement. On the other hand, we must not forget all the competences for the development of Criminology in private companies (cyber intelligence, compliance, corporate criminology and prevention, etc …).

Duration: 240 ECTS, Including Practices (Professional Practices).



The Advanced Security Direction and Management course provides the necessary knowledge so that professionals from the public and private security sectors, as well as managers of any company belonging to any business sector, obtain the mandatory training and accreditation to direct and manage a department of security.
The program of this advanced course in Security Management and Direction complies with the pre-established teaching program for obtaining the Professional Identification Card, obtaining first the validation of the same and being able to opt for a position of Director of Security enabled for it.

Duration: 60 ECTS, Including Practices (Professional Practices).


The area of security knowledge responds to one of the main concerns of companies and institutions. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) is becoming more common every day, so that the assets to be protected increase, just like cyberattacks, and can have serious consequences in crimes such as financial usurpation or the disclosure of information. confidential. Therefore, having professionals specialized in security is essential.

What Does a Cyber Intelligence Analyst Do?
Cyber intelligence is an activity for obtaining and analyzing information whose objective is to identify, track and predict capacities, intentions and activities of hostile actors in cyberspace.

The professional demand of the intelligence analyst is experiencing an exponential increase, since this figure is not only being implemented in the field of Security and Defense, but its scope of action has been expanded to an environment more typical of economic intelligence and competitive. For this reason, many companies are investing large amounts of their budgets in internal or external intelligence departments, although their core business is not information. Intelligence analysis can lead to better strategic planning and gaining a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry. Specialize in Intelligence for Security and Defense or in Economic and Competitive Intelligence. Upon completion of the Master,  official  in the sector, you will receive a certificate with the chosen specialization.

Duration: 60 ECTS, Including Practices (Professional Practices).


Our about

Master in Human Resources Management and Master in Management and Team Management

Functions of an HR Department
Organization and planning of the workforce. …
Recruitment of the Human Resources of the company. …
Staff selection. …

Professional promotion within the company through career plans. …
Training. …
Evaluation of the staff. …
Good weather in the office. …
Administrative transactions.

Duration: 120 ECTS


Master in Management and Team Management aims to provide the student with the following knowledge and skills: … Manage a work team and extract the most from each of its members. Learn the most advanced coaching and NLP techniques to apply them to the work environment.

Duration: 60 ECTS

Master’s Degree in Security, Defense and Geostrategy

This is an interdisciplinary, international Master’s program at the intersection of social sciences and engineering. The program has been developed in close collaboration with public authorities and companies in the defense and security sector in order to provide you with knowledge about how technical systems are integrated with people and organizations in order to deal with a complex threat environment.

Duration: 60 ECTS


All courses are Higher Grade, it is European qualification, being able to validate in any Academy and or University within Europe and internationally. If you want more information to the mail:

The Security area of the Right Track Training Services Academy (UNIT SIX GLOBAL) provides indisciplinary programs aimed at training future professionals in this area, in the field of peace and war studies. It aims to provide its students with a set of analytical skills, research training, and a deep understanding of international conflicts in the century
XXI, because in a globalized world, internal and external aspects related to security are closely related.