The study of the entire theory will each be done online. the hours that are necessary for it, until the person feels able to take the exam. there is a minimum of hours.

The practices are done, in a place dedicated to it, with all the facilities prepared. all preparations are made for the different courses. Except that at the moment the skydiving and shooting takes place in a different place, in Spain and outside of Spain.


Theory and practice: all practices, first a theoretical explanation of what is going to be done is made and then it is passed to practice. all practices carry their necessary theory. a briefing of all the practices is carried out. the most important thing is the practice, which is dedicated enough hours to master them.


Theory and Practices

Theory, you can start whenever you want one. all courses can be started whenever you want one. You always have to know that the practices have to be done a month after starting the course. the person must have studied part of the theory, before doing the practices.

Practices are held on two weekends a month, Saturday and Sunday. 2nd and 4th weekend of each month. of course there must be a minimum of students to carry out the practices.

All the practices of the courses are done at that time, in the practice week. the student of the course has the right to two free practices. After doing these two practices, you will be able to carry out all the practices you want for your own maintenance and recycling, paying the extra internship weekend fee.

The Special Operations course, Special Forces (Green Beret), is twice a year 10 days. the Green Beret is obtained once the course is passed. The course is intensive and exclusive for a maximum of 20 people, and everything stated in the information of said course will be carried out.

The course takes place the last 10 days of August and the second week in December. the exact dates will be set for it.

Green Beret, SPECIAL FORCES Level 6
Survival, Diving, Skydiving and more ……

Its purpose is to provide the technical knowledge that allows the training and selection of students for their subsequent performance as special operations combatants.

Theory and practice Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning
+ from 8 to 10 escort positions on foot
+ from 10 to 12 Embus / Debus (scene)
+ from 12 to 14 tactical car (moving shot)


Saturday afternoon
+ from 15 to 17 CQB
+ from 17 to 19 PSD / MSO
+ from 19 to 21 operational planning (1)

Sunday morning
+ Self defense from 8 to 11 (VIP)
Stick, Knife, Gun
+ MEZAR (Medicine in high-risk areas)  from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
+ Exam 13:30 to 14:30

To carry out the practices, it is mandatory to register, only a maximum of 20 people will be admitted, minimum is 6 people. and the e-mail for this is: unitsixglobal@gmail.com