A new recruit capable of working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your computer security department, taking care of your clients!!!!!.

About the company

UNIT SIX GLOBAL Networks is a company dedicated to computer security through solutions, services and IT infrastructures that work with a single objective: not allowing anything to enter or leave your company without your consent.
Only by working with companies that are at the forefront is it possible to anticipate any type of intrusion, whether current or to come. That’s why our partner companies are developers, manufacturers and providers of managed security services.
UNIT SIX GLOBAL Networks we serve any business need in the field of new technologies and IT infrastructure with the security and guarantees they need. We help our clients to face the different technological challenges of the current company.
Our main partner is Network Box, a multinational with offices on five continents. For more than 18 years, they have been protecting the computer networks of more than 12,000 companies around the world with their Security Operation Centers. Its specialists from Germany tirelessly pursue the evolution of new threats on the Internet so that we can react in real time and protect our customers.


Rendimiento certificado internacionalmente Auditado por SGS de Suiza


We serve any business need in the field of new technologies and IT infrastructure with the security and guarantees they need. We help our clients to face the different technological challenges of the current company.

Installation and commissioning of IT infrastructures

We deploy comprehensive solutions adapted to the needs of each company. We take care of its sale, installation and start-up to ensure business continuity and facilitate the improvement of company productivity.



We offer consulting and advisory services for decision-making in the field of IT infrastructures.

We prepare contingency plans for IT Systems to guarantee the operation of the company and propose responses to incidents, accidents or emergencies.
We carry out audits and analysis of security vulnerabilities. We assess risks. We propose concrete measures and actions to confront and correct them. We help you shield your company.

Inventory and development of facilities


We advise our clients in seeking to improve the productivity of their company through:

+Security Schemes and Cybersecurity Services.
+Implementation and maintenance of the Security Scheme.
+Security audits.
+Detection of intruders, vulnerabilities and intrusion test.
+Perimeter Protection, Web Protection and Monitoring, Secure DNS Protection.
+Security monitoring.
+Incident response.
+Risk analysis, treatment and improvement.
+Computer Forensics (Forensic Analysis) and Judicial Expertise.

Cloud Services

We make available to the company all kinds of services in the cloud: Infrastructure, Platform and Software. Public, private and hybrid cloud. Flexibility, scalability, ease of management, fault tolerance and economy.

Website development Web design for companies.

A structured website with an order and full of elements that interact with each other, to facilitate the experience and meet the objectives that the company proposes.


We guarantee the continuity of your business, achieving the optimal functioning of your computer system.

The high training and great experience of our team allow us to be the support that your company needs for your IT department or to assume the role of IT department, through which you can attend and cover all the computer needs of systems, networks, software and security that may arise in it.
We establish flexible maintenance contracts that adapt to the client’s requirements.



Depending on the size of the company, you choose the right box and one of our security packages.

HARDWARE BOX MODELS Unified Threat Management Plus (UTM+) What is?

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a term that refers to a comprehensive security solution that provides a comprehensive set of security features and technologies within a single, unified system.

However, not all UTMs are the same. Most typical UTM offerings provide only the basics and do not provide adequate protection against emerging cyber threats. Network Box, on the other hand, provides UTM+, which has more enhanced features provided by even the most advanced UTMs, and also adds next-generation security technologies to provide a fully comprehensive, all-in-one cyber security solution.

Serie 01 / E
Maximum performance for BIG companies.

Our Network Box E-series is designed for large businesses, from 600 to 5,000 employees. As a hardware or virtual device, it guarantees an individual level of security with maximum performance. Up to 2 x 64-bit, 2.1 GHz, 8 cores Up to 64GB, 1333MHz, ECC DDR3 Optional HDD up to 4 x 4TB 3.5” with additional RAID module

Serie 02 / M
Maximum security for companies medium

The perfect solution for medium-sized companies with 100 to 600 employees. Like all products, our M-series is scalable and easy to integrate.

Serie 03 / S
Ideal protection for small businesses or branch offices

For small companies between 1 and 100 employees. They will be optimally protected with our S-series. Firewalls, secure email, worry-free Internet use, location networks and data protection on the server. Up to 64-bit, 3.1 GHz, 2 cores Up to 8GB, 2133MHz, DDR4 Up to 1 x 256GB mSATA SSD

Serie 04 / V
Network Box virtual machines

All security modules run natively on our hardware, but can also be used as virtual appliances for cloud applications. The virtual variant basically contains the same range of functions as the hardware-based variant. It is individually configured and provided according to customer requirements.


79 Protection Engines

62 million+ Signatures

The Network Box UTM+ solution uses a multi-layered security approach to effectively protect your network from inbound and outbound threats.

Dark Web Monitoring

More than half of businesses are affected by data misuse on the Dark Web. With our new NB Dark Web Monitoring solution, we protect your company from unauthorized persons accessing your company data or the entire IT infrastructure.

It is the dark side of the internet. This shadow sector of the network, identified since 1996,
offers illegal services such as the sale of drugs, weapons and even human trafficking.
Of course it is the place where hackers and other criminals do their business.
Only with knowledge and through the use of special software can we
gain access to this dark part of the internet

When hackers get hold of personal data, like internet passwords
appear on the dark web. There are currently more than 6.5 trillion pieces of data
accesses on the Dark Web and every day it increases.


Half of all IT damage is caused by employees. If people don't play along, the technology remains ineffective. We sensitize the workforce about the correct handling of emails and confidential data, we elaborate guidelines for the handling of IT and we create concepts of comprehensive IT security.
¿Cómo funciona una formación de concienciación sobre seguridad?

Phishing simulation

In consultation with the client, we send false emails with false content to company employees. At the request of an email distribution list, individual employees or on behalf of management.


Through interactive live events, video recordings that can be accessed at any time, we provide the basis for secure IT behavior in the company. Thanks to polls and chat features, participants can ask questions interactively.

Awareness newsletter

Every month we send an awareness newsletter to our end customers. Here we provide information on current threats and topics related to information security and provide valuable advice on IT security and data protection.


Our online learning platform offers, for example, training videos or interactive presentations on current threat awareness, workplace safety, social engineering, and password protection. The certificates accredit the participation of the employees.


For all campaigns and measures such as eLearning, training or intranet messages, the customer receives anonymous evaluations of open and click rates, engagement rates, comments and reactions.

Security awareness concept

As a TÜV-certified officer for cyber security awareness, we develop individual concepts for sustainable IT security. We offer comprehensive solutions for companies of all sizes.

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